• Barrie's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
    City of Barrie Completes its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy!
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 00:00

Barrie's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

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Congratulations to the City of Barrie for recently completing its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy! The Strategy was approved by City Council on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, and reflects the culmination of the significant amount of research, stakeholder consultation, assessments, and plan development that has taken place over the past year.

Guided by the BARC methodology, the Adaptation Strategy was developed through extensive collaboration with City departments and community stakeholders. The Strategy itself is intentionally flexible to accommodate any changes resulting from the uncertainty inherently present in the adaptation planning process. The Strategy is intended to be regularly monitored and updated as new information and resources become available.

A key component of developing the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy was engagement with a range of stakeholders and audiences in Barrie. By using and building upon the knowledge and expertise of Council, City Staff, and local stakeholders and partners, the Strategy is reflective of the needs and priorities of the Barrie community as we move towards a new climate reality.

A series of seven goals guide the development of the City’s actions. The Goals represent the physical, social, economic, and ecological implications of climate change:

·         Cross cutting actions

·         Goal 1: Maintain public health and safety

·         Goal 2: Minimize risks to buildings and properties

·         Goal 3: Strengthen infrastructure resilience

·         Goal 4: Help local businesses and the tourism industry adapt to changing conditions

·         Goal 5: Protect biodiversity and enhance ecosystem functions

·         Goal 6: Minimize disruption to community services

·         Goal 7: Build community resilience

Actions have been organized according to these overarching goals, and efforts were made to ensure a diversified set of responses, including hard infrastructure, policy, ecosystem-based, educational, and communicated-related actions.

To ensure that prioritized actions are implemented promptly and effectively, a preliminary implementation schedule was developed for each action. This schedule will act as a framework for the City to follow in the coming years to ensure actions are carried through. Recognizing the uncertainty present within the adaptation planning process, the schedule is intentionally flexible, and can be updated based on changes in available data, funds, or staff time.

The Strategy ensures that the City of Barrie is doing what is necessary to adapt to the effects of climate change in a sustainable and efficient way, based on best available climate science and local anecdotal knowledge. Throughout the implementation of the Strategy, the City will continue to build collaborative relationships with the community, and mainstream adaptation considerations into everyday operations.

We look forward to seeing more great thing from the City of Barrie as it moves forward in increasing its resiliency to the effects of climate change!

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