• Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project
    Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 00:00

Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project

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ICLEI Canada has launched a new project to support adaptation efforts across more than 20 Ontario municipalities!

Under the Canada Ontario Agreement (COA) Respecting the Great Lakes, MOECC is supporting a project, led by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, to increase climate change resilience for Great Lakes communities. Over a two-year period, ICLEI will engage approximately 30 communities in two projects aimed at building capacity on resilience planning and implementation.


1. Training-the-Trainers: Engaging Stakeholders on Climate Change Assessment

Centred around sharing information, educating about climate impacts, vulnerability and risk assessment, the Train-the-Trainer project will build municipal capacity to integrate adaptation across the municipality and wider community.  Participants will take part in detailed training workshops on how to engage various stakeholders in their communities, communicate climate change related information, work with community leaders, and overcome local challenges and barriers to further action on climate change.  These staff will then deliver and put into practice the knowledge and techniques they received in localized workshops. These workshops will centre around working with climate information, vulnerability and risk assessment; involving local stakeholders such as colleagues from multiple city departments, conservation authorities, First Nations, utilities, local businesses, public health, researchers, etc.

The Train-the-Trainer project will help those municipalities that are “new” to adaptation or that have done some preliminary work, but would like to move forward and get a better understanding of climate change impacts through vulnerability and risk assessment; ultimately to enhance their ability to respond to these impacts and achieve measurable and sustained results.

Click here to download the Training-the-Trainer Application!


2. Collaborative Implementation Groups: Working Together to Move from Planning to Action

The Collaborative Implementation Groups (CIG) project focuses on supporting the unique challenges related to the implementation of adaptive action and in so doing enhancing community resilience for Great Lakes communities. The CIGs will bring together groups of municipal staff who are committing to implementing an identified action over the course of the Project and to collaborate with each other to help overcome barriers and drive action forward.

The CIGs will come together at various stages to share experiences, challenges, and opportunities on such items as measuring progress through indicators, project financing, budgeting, scheduling, troubleshooting, evaluation, monitoring, and reporting. Ultimately, the CIGs are an opportunity to bring together practitioners struggling with implementation challenges to create a peer support network that brings these individuals together (both online and in person) to collectively start the implementation of an identified action and share the resulting experiences: what worked, what did not, and how they can collectively identify strategies to continue to overcome implementation barriers.

The CIG Project will help those “implementation-ready” municipalities that have already considered risk or even developed a local adaptation plan but are struggling with maintaining momentum for implementation. The goal of this project is to help you begin to move, or continue to move, from planning to action.

Click here to download the Collaborative Implementation Group Application!


Want more information? Download the Project Brochure Project Brochure or listen to the information Webinar!