• BARC Profile: City of Thunder Bay
    BARC Profile: City of Thunder Bay
    Highlighting Thunder Bay’s “Climate-Ready City” Strategy
Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

BARC Profile: City of Thunder Bay

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Congratulations to the City of Thunder Bay for recently completing its Climate Adaptation Strategy! This achievement reflects the culmination of the significant amount of research, stakeholder consultation, risk and vulnerability assessments, climate change adaptation action identification and plan development that has taken place over the past several years.

Thunder Bay’s Climate Adaptation Strategy, “Climate-Ready City”, was approved by City Council on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. Using ICLEI Canada’s municipal planning process, the City endeavoured to create a strategy led by the Corporation while incorporating multi-stakeholder involvement.

The development of this strategy centred on workshops and engagement activities that leveraged expertise and local knowledge of City Council, City managers and staff, service sector professionals, key community stakeholders and EarthCare community partners. In total, over 170 people were engaged in the development of the City’s Climate Adaptation Strategy to ensure that it aligns with existing organizational priorities and can be integrated within departmental functions.

The focus of the Climate Adaptation Strategy is to build on the City’s existing strengths and align current resources to increase the resilience of the Corporation from a strategic perspective. The goal is to build resilience within the Corporation to reduce the risks inherent in climate change and take advantage of opportunities while building upon existing adaptive actions to help the City prepare for, respond to, and recover from the potential impacts of climate change with an emphasis on increasing the resilience of infrastructure and the natural environment.

Hundreds of potential climate change impacts were considered for the City of Thunder Bay. Out of these, nine priority impacts were systematically identified and used to develop goals, objectives and key principles. Through analysis and prioritization, a total of 45 potential adaptation actions were identified.

The Strategy, which can be explored online at www.climatereadycity.com or downloaded here, provides readers with transparent and engaging information on how the strategy was developed, why it is important, what it is intended to do, and how it will benefit the City of Thunder Bay.

Next steps for the City will be to implement the proposed actions, which will be guided by the Strategy’s Implementation Framework. As noted in the document, "The successful implementation of the strategy will require multi-year commitment of resources although the level of resources needed may change throughout implementation to reflect existing decision-making processes, evaluation, annual review, budget, and external factors."

We look forward to seeing more great thing from the City of Thunder Bay as it moves forward in increasing its resiliency to the effects of climate change!